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Broadcast like a Badass
easily get on camera without nerves or overwhelm

Does the thought of going on camera send you straight into a panic attack but in this digital age, you can't avoid it?

Do you know you have great information to share but the fear of being on camera is holding you back from sharing it? If this is you, I’d love to help. 

I'm Jessica York and I have more than 20 years of experience as an Emmy nominated television host and producer. I have dealt with nerves, perfectionism, imposters syndrome and worked on deadline my entire career. 

When I started in television, I would sweat through my clothes every time I had to go on air. I'd get cotton mouth while on live TV, my mind would go blank just as the red light turned on.  

But over the years I developed a few tips and tricks to overcome my nerves and make going on camera fun and easy. 

I've also been a personal trainer since I was 18 and I know that you can't run a marathon without training. The same goes for being on camera. You can't expect to be good at it if you don't train. 

That is why I have put together a self-paced 4 week/30 day kickstarter challenge.  In one month you will gain the tools and experience to become less nervous on camera and start to create a routine that makes going on camera easy. 

Along with daily insights and exercises you get through the challenge, each week in our Facebook group I will go live with tips, tricks and methodology designed to help you build your broadcasting muscles.  

Throughout the 30-days we will be building muscle memory and momentum. By then end of 4 weeks you will be well on your way to being a BADASS on camera if not already there!  Plus - you are going to need to shoot these videos somewhere. Over the 30 days I will help you set up a plug-and-play studio that will give you a professional edge over your competitors. 





  • Do you need to get on camera ASAP?

  • Do you need to look as professional as possible?

  • Would you like one-on-one coaching?

  • Could you use a professional producer with years of experience help you?

  • Do you want to reach better levels of success faster?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then this is the program for you.






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